Who is paying the mercenaries?

With the uniques “Harold” and “Joseph”, It makes a clear statement that the player has somehow gained infamy in the dungeon and is wanted dead even more. but it’s weird how if monsters don’t typically leave the floor they reside on, it would be difficult for the news of some murder rampant adventure reach the bounty hunters. any ideas?

Perhaps they’re getting paid by the character’s old enemies on the surface? (Presumably, any good bounty hunter is easily contactable by potential customers.)

Zot is actually a friend of Gozag so it has lots of gold. Therefore Zot can bribe everyone on the surface with an obscene amount of wealth, bounty hunters and other bloodthirsty ones will rush into the dungeon of Zot and kill the player. :moneybag:

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I did not know that Zot had some pull with the gods, thanks for letting me know!

This could be an idea for a new unique, I could think of a lot if directions “sponsor of Harold and Joseph” could go

In “economics of DCSS” questions, this comes second to “what the hell are all these shopkeepers trying to open a small business on D15”.

The shops could all be money launderies, no?

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The real treasure was the tax havens we made along the way.

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