Why my spellforged servitor can't cast LCS?

Morgue: Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup version 0.31-a0-1597-ge7908ec95f (webtiles) character - Pastebin.com

Spellforged servitor, LCS at less than 50% failure rate, but spellforged servitor does not throw LCS. What am I doing wrong?

It was changed to 20%

I just used my only amnesia scroll to “upgrade” bombard. Now I have no bombard, no spellforged servitor and no spell levels. Should I learn spellcasting to get spell levels to relearn Bombard and try to manage with hydra until then? Could alternatively keep training summoning and hope that I’ll find another amnesia scroll so I can get dragon’s call online asap.

It sucks when the rules change and you’re not aware of it

But that last post’s a bit caustic. Your character should be fine. Other than being a (Ds) summoner^Dith which is a bi weird. You’ve only got 12 spellcasting, so you can train it up for spell levels quickly, and Summon Hydra is a strong spell.

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Like caustic shrikes? It was indeed fine Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup version 0.31-a0-1597-ge7908ec95f (webtiles) character - Pastebin.com managed to find quite good int gear and now I have both Dragon’s call and spellforged servitor throwing LCS online. At moment I decided to keep training summoning to get dragon’s call online asap. Found eventually amnesia scroll and forgot summon hydra to make room for dragon’s call as I decided to get LCS below 20% failure rate to get it online anyway. Now I have trained some more spellcasting and have open spell levels. I am going to keep them open for bit as I don’t really have any critical spells to memorize and no amnesia scrolls in case I find something more interesting. I’ll probably end up memorizing malign gateway if I don’t find more interesting spells. Swiftness and passwall are good cheap utilitiy options. Could try to train translocations to get dispersal/disjunction online. Defenses now, decisions later

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