YASD: +17 Plate armour, too bad I'm a spellcaster

I found a kobold wearing this on D:2!
Is this normal (or even reasonable)?

the +17 plate armour “Gavoos” {SInv}.
A full suit of solid metal plate: cuirass, pauldrons, vambraces, waist plate and greaves. It provides excellent protection.
Base armour rating: 10 Encumbrance rating: 18
SInv: It lets you see invisible.
If you switch to wearing this armour, your AC would increase by 25 (3 → 28).
This ancient artefact cannot be changed by magic or mundane means.
You took it off a kobold on level 2 of the Dungeon.

seed is 10753623354798493077

I was killed by a blink frog in the Lair.

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Yeah, you play enough games and you see some badass things early. I don’t know if it is reasonable, but that kobold sure thought they were a badass until you killed them.

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I think there are very few characters where, if I found a +17 plate on D:2, I would say “too bad I’m a spellcaster”. Not anymore, I’m not!

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I would’ve, but I was running a Djinni summoner with only spellcasting skills, so it was a little hard to switch.