I had pretty good run. Managed to kill Royal jelly, but finding rune was bit too difficult. Teleported few times away from trouble, then with some poor tactics later I manage to get myself surrounded by slimes and get engulfed so couldn’t teleport away nor use spells. I forgot shadow form existed, maybe I should had used it at some point.

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Ah, that’s frustrating. I know the pain. I had a run that also ended after the Royal Jelly. I killed TRJ and thought everything was done and went to waltz over and grab my loot. Some “harmless” jellies appeared at the corner of my screen and the next thing I knew I was out of mana blasting more of them and then there’s a rockslime right next to me. It all happened so fast (due to my nonchalance and being purely reckless). Next thing I knew I was dead.

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Ouch. I never do Slime without rCorr, acid blobs are mean.