YAVP: 15 runes GnHW mobile gaming

First post! Also first extended game win. The game was on version 0.31-a0-234-gad7ace16ef which I built with changes to the keyboard layout that make crawling on mobile reasonable. That’s a bit before the transmutations rework was merged, but after potions of enlightenment and scrolls of revelation.

GnHW has been by far the most consistent start for me, though note I’m new-ish still. Magic dart is a full range attack that never misses, perfect for adders. Very early imp and blink are amazing and remain useful for the entire game. Meph cheeses past most of lair and vaults, especially with Qaz. The fact that gnolls skip the tedium of skill management might also be extra appealing to a mobile player.

This run had some notable drops like the robe of night I found after choosing Qaz, shield of resistance, and decently enchanted armor and a broad axe to swap to after converting to TSO for extended. It was smooth sailing after Qaz calmed down, aside from cocytus because I didn’t bring flight at first and underestimated water elementals.

Mcc deserves a special mention as it’s particularly exploitable in the already favorable TSO and summons oriented extended game. All of that power and bulk of panlords and hell lords is meaningless when you can very consistently remove them by shouting just outside their vision and precasting summons and mcc. I won’t suggest balance changes yet as this isn’t the right place and I’m not experienced enough.

I’ll drop any updates to the custom keyboard with instructions here:

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OKAY very impressive. props to you