YAVP: 3-rune DrSh^WJC - Finally won a Draconian! I think that's greatplayer achieved?


My draconians always seem so squishy and helpless, and I’d only ever gotten one or two far enough to even manifest a color. I enjoyed working with the new maw talisman, which basically has zero cost for a draconian since it only gets rid of the body armor slot, which draconians can’t use anyway. Wu Jian is always a favorite, but getting 3 auxiliary attacks (tailslap, maw, acidic bite) makes them even more fun.

I’m usually slow and thorough with Zot 5, but I really didn’t feel that I had the resistances or defenses to take it on properly, so I just turned on Heavenly Storm as soon as I saw a monster in the lungs and scooted my way around to the orb. Vhi’s came in handy a few times there when getting surrounded; that spell really works well in situations where WJC gets stuck.

Greatplayer is just a win with all current races, right? I don’t play trunk, but I’ve got a win now with all the races in 0.31. I know most people don’t think of draconian as hard, but they’ve honestly given me more trouble than any other race except for Meteoran, which I never got a win with and got sick of pretty quickly.

Anyway, next is to get greaterplayer!

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Congrats! Draconians have been more difficult than most species for me too for some reason, but by far the hardest species to get a win with was Octopode (when they were introduced it took me 60 games to win one). I’m glad they got rid of Meteorans (which I didn’t manage to win and hated the concept of).

What’s your experience on Octopodes?

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I almost had great player but delayed getting it for a full year because I hated Meteorans. I played like 4 of them and just couldn’t stand it.

Draconians were also a struggle for me but I now have a couple wins with them, and Octos were not great… although my average win rate is around 2% and I have 2 wins and a hundred play throughs so I guess on par. I got a caster win and a relatively easy unarmed trog win.

I guess it took me more splats to get an octopode win than a draconian one, but for some reason losing with an octopode doesn’t have the same impact. It’s like, “Of course I’m dead, I’m a squishy piece of sushi,” whereas with draconians it always felt like I should be at least a little bit tougher than that.

Honestly I think what prepped me for my octopode win was playing through the same seeded game numerous times with an OpFE until I won, or at least got to some runes or something. After dying to the same orc priest more than once, you start to realize you need some new tricks and strategies up your sleev… tentacles if you’re ever going to survive this. The actual Op win was part of a four-win elementalist streak that is probably my best achievement so far: NaIE (done before), OpFE (first Op and first FE wins), TeAE (first for both), and GrEE (a favorite of mine).

I have not won with a draconian yet, don’t know why its supposed to be an easy race when I die with one makes me feel like I’m trash lol. Grats on the final race win for .31

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Hey, this is of interest to me! I’ve been slowly trying to work my way to Tiamat by playing random draconians (at first I was literally just clicking random drac, now I’m doing a random bg and rerolling if I already won it) so I’m full of opinions on draconians.

What’s cool to me about them is the way that finding out your color influences your choices. I did two DrCjs before my stop-repeating-backgrounds intervention, which ended up with the Ice Dragon and Storm Dragon titles because their color and aptittudes pushed them that way.

Of all the ways to play drac pure caster seems probably the strongest? I’m usually better at melee, but with the dracs that chance to play totally unencumbered caster with the high HP, good fighting,apt, innate armour, and a decent chance of getting some very good magic apt…it’s pretty tempting to just worship Veh or Sif to ensure you’ll get some spells in whatever school you manifest as naturally good at and go around blowing everyone up.

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