YAVP CCTT trunk 0.32 week 1: Tiamat, Avatar of the Dragonlord


Early game had to dive bit to get to D:7 before maturing. After hitting level 7, climbed back up. I did get overall pretty good loot, ending game with 9 blink scrolls to spare.

I messed up at Gauntlet. I planned on taking both routes with Overgrow, but I did not have enough piety for Overgrow and I did not initially take route with Sack of Spiders so I lost it forever.

There was nice Trove for low price of 14 tele scrolls.

Roxanne was hanging out in Snake end and provided with quite nice talisman. Unfortunately I did not find maw talisman at any point, but granite talisman works, just have to get 100 breaths in first.

I usually like to polymorph royal jelly into something else for my third run, but I had wasted all of my poly charges on trying to turn angel in Vaults into pearl dragon so I had to do something else. Fortunately torment, butterflies and immolation work just fine.

In Zot I got into bit of tricky situation, but blink scrolls and digging allowed to make killhole.

I got pretty lucky in Zot:4 as I found Tiamat. Not having to go hunt for pearl dragon, made this much simpler. I was considering turning off granite form for orb run to get less spawns, but decided against it.

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