YAVP: Coglin Hunter^Oka, a acquirement with good choices at last

a - a manual of Invocations
b - the +4 hand cannon {drain, rC-, Will+, str+3, Sinv}
c - the +3 cloak {rPois Slay+3}
d - 642 gold


petercordia the Evocator (Coglin Hunter)           Turns: 69504, Time: 03:53:54

Health: 231/231    AC: 27    Str: 18    XL:     27
Magic:  11/11      EV: 36    Int: 11    God:    Okawaru [******]
Gold:   1821       SH:  0    Dex: 31    Spells: 29/31 levels left

rFire   + . .        a - +2 hand cannon of Ravage {drain, rF+ Stlth+}
rCold   . . .        b - +9 hand cannon (antimagic) {Minoru}
rNeg    . . .        y - +6 acid dragon scales
rPois   +            j - +2 helmet {Int+3}
rElec   +            Z - +1 cloak of Focus {rElec Str+2}
rCorr   +            S - +2 pair of gloves {Dex+3}
SInv    .            d - +2 pair of boots of the Mertaur {^Drain +Inv Fly rPois}
Will    +++..        (amulet unavailable)
Stlth   ++++++++     (ring unavailable)
HPRegen 0.58/turn    (ring unavailable)
MPRegen 0.12/turn    L - recursive ramjet {AutoDazzle, Will+ Slay+3}

%: no passive effects
@: flying
A: off-hand wielding, slow wielding, warmup strikes, no jewellery
}: 3/15 runes: serpentine, barnacled, silver
a: Renounce Religion, Evoke Invisibility, Heroism, Finesse, Duel

the manual of Invocations is useful, in that it would let me keep Heroism and Finesse up longer
The +4 hand cannon would replace my +2 hand cannon of {rF+}, which probably isn’t worth it. But it’s very tempting because this is the first Sinv item I’ve found in the game.
The cloak has +2AC and +3Slay compared with my current cloak, but no rElec.

I think the best choice is probably to take the cloak and use resistance potions in Zot, but I always forget to quaff them.

What would you do?

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I would acquire the cloak and probably switch to the resist elec cloak in places where high elec damage is expected. +3 slay is actually quite good for a coglin, AC is good too, rElec is useless if the opponents don’t do elec damage.

I think the hand cannon is not much of an upgrade, and since you can’t swap weapons or put on a rC+ ring as coglin I would not use one with negative resistances unless something already cancels this. I think SInv is convenient sometimes, but not very useful. There are very few invisible enemies, and if you know them they are not that dangerous.

I do not value invocation manuals that high on Oka, as 15 is plenty with her.

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The cloak is great three armor with slay and poison resist cant go wrong with that. rElec is not needed nearly as much can just focus down the more rare electric mobs as when you see them.

It’s a win :smiley:


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