YAVP: Coglin Hunter ^ Oka

It took me many many tries to get to the point of even having 2 slings, but after that things got a lot easier. At that point I lost quite a few attempts due to not caring enough about the characters. With attacks of opportunity and coglin -Move, retreating is brutal.

My first handcannon was a Oka god gift, which was an artefact heavy hand cannon with extra str and dex. Very nice of Oka.
My armour gifts were trash, and I never used Oka’s armour gift ability. Frustrating.

Second handcannon was found on the floor of Vaults. I rebranded, finally sticking with draining.

I used gloves of Harm for a lot of the game. That was fun, and it’s not like I haven’t played hunters with -20% hp before. Biggest downside might be that the +str on the gloves tempted me into ice dragon scales. I should just have committed to acid scales. I never found any poison scales.
Also never got anything better than +0 plain boots.

There was a vault with Zot traps on D:15 that I was silly enough to open because of an artefact helmet. It was a +0 helmet of stealth :lollipop:
The other souvenir from that adventure was 4 bad muts, that I quaffed 2 !mut to get rid off.

In zot I had a lot more trouble with malmutation than I remember. The draconian packs were also much worse than I remember, I was actually happy to have +inv on multiple occasions.

Character dump below:

> Game seed: 1702570932050515981
> 2469431 petercordia3 the Ex Machina (level 27, 214/214 HPs)
>              Began as a Coglin Hunter on Feb 22, 2024.
>              Was a High Priest of Okawaru.
>              Escaped with the Orb
>              ... and 4 runes on Feb 23, 2024!
>              The game lasted 04:26:07 (64435 turns).
> petercordia3 the Ex Machina (Coglin Hunter)        Turns: 64435, Time: 04:26:08
> Health: 214/214    AC: 28    Str: 29    XL:     27
> Magic:  30/30      EV: 39    Int:  4    God:    Okawaru [*****.]
> Gold:   4430       SH:  0    Dex: 38    Spells: 26/26 levels left
> rFire   + + .        R - +9 hand cannon (drain) {Sachi}
> rCold   + . .        L - +3 hand cannon "Vusewk" {heavy, Fly Str+3 Dex+2 Stlth-}
> rNeg    . . .        i - +7 ice dragon scales
> rPois   .            t - +2 helmet
> rElec   .            P - +2 cloak {Will+}
> rCorr   +            F - +1 pair of gloves "Joffogen" {+Blink Will+ SInv}
> SInv    +            d - +0 pair of boots
> Will    ++++.        f - amulet "Qouliece" {Acrobat ^Drain rF+++ Dex+2}
> Stlth   ++++         U - ring "Kokal" {rC- rCorr Str+6 Int-4 Dex+8 SInv}
> HPRegen 0.55/turn    o - ring of Shadows {Umbra +Inv Stlth+}
> MPRegen 0.22/turn
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Coglin ranged users have replace DECj as my favorite sort of game play. They are just so fun. This will probably fade because it is pretty much o-tabbing which tends to get old. But the excitement of finding a Elec sling or a new hand cannon is just great.

I’ve started to do Brigands as a start because I find 2 daggers to be pretty OP early and then train into ranged when I get two slings. I’ve had maybe four get up to 2 hand cannons, but most of the time I get cocky and just YOLO things I shouldn’t. I’ve won only once with them. The last death was especially stupid, just stumbled into the middle of V5 because the one corner I cleared was so easy with my heavy hand cannon and antimagic sling. Surely I could take on the rest of the 3/4 of the map at once (I couldn’t). That character also had the gloves of war… oh well.