YAVP: DsGl of Qazlal (4 rune)

At some point someone suggested I try a Demonspawn of Qaz since they have good Invocations aptitude and their mutations can be fun. Three tries and I got a win.

The game fell into place quite well, with drops falling just as I needed them a few times, luck with several close calls, etc.

Coming from a Troll Shapeshifter Statue Form win this character’s offense felt weak (you mean I have to swing 3, 4, 5 even 6 times to kill something?), but so often it feels like Qaz is playing the game for you.


I think “+2 shield of Resistance {rF++ rC++ Will++}” wins “best drop” this run. There was the game before this drop, and the game after.

Mid game I had no options for Will+, and there is no way I was surviving the Abyss, so I simply had to use the only option I had: the +2 hat of the Bear Spirit. This thing has Will++ but also berserks you on 20% of melee attacks. Surprisingly this never proved to be much of a problem, but it made me nervous, and waiting a bit to recover after every fight grew tedious, so I dropped it after the above mentioned shield dropped.

My Demonspawn got some great mutations for a Qaz worshiper, nearly all of them defensive:

A: horns 3, slimy green scales 3, hurl damnation, icemail 2, powered by death 3,
torment resistance 1, condensation shield, demonic willpower, low MP 1,
strong-willed 1, robust 2

With “powered by death”, and some regen on my gear, I was often ending fights in full health.

I almost passed it over because it is “just” an artifact leather armor, but “+4 Cigotuvi’s embrace {Corpsefed rMiasma Drain rN+}” great synergy with standing in the Qaz storm and taking things down in mass melee. I think it got as high as +20 or more AC at times (don’t quote me). Never thought I’d play a character like this in “light” armor. I even found a +9 Gold Dragon Scales in Depths, and tried it out, but that ruined my spell success rates, my EV, and was redundant with resistances I already had covered, so I went back to this.

This is the first time I’ve won with species that levels like a human, where Str/Int/Dex increase randomly. It is nice to have all three of AC/EV/SH reasonably high.

This is also the first melee character I’ve run with spells. Blink, Lesser Beckoning, and especially Vhi’s Electric Charge are great ways to make the most of crowded situations.

Qaz invocation abilities are very good. I was randomly teleported into the middle of Zot:5’s inner orbs, and it took two teleports to get out of there. I spent a ton of piety on Cataclysm to turn down the heat I was receiving. I felt like a Deep Elf!


This character was a little weak in the “Kill OOF fast” department. They never threatened me, and I had plenty of mutation potions so that wasn’t a big problem, but they stayed on he screen longer than I’d like. Went as far as to go back and pick up a +0 heavy broad axe and enchant it up just for them. Next try I might train throwing for silver javalins. Or…, I just realized I never tried using Qaz to summon elementals against them…hmm…

Next try, I might opt for a faith amulet so I can (ab)use invocations more. Or, maybe I’ll just play a spellcaster. :slight_smile:

Morgue: http://crawl.akrasiac.org/rawdata/ForkInBrain/morgue-ForkInBrain-20230907-192150.txt

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Nice run, thanks for the write up :slight_smile:

Ds of Qaz is a fun one. As a caster leaning on summons and good invocations, I found that I didn’t miss stealth (as long as I did the occasional stair dance e.g. when entering Depths).