YAVP Human Conjurer -> Air Elementalist of Xom 15 runes 11 gems

After Xom trying and failing to kill me early game (thanks to the OP searing ray), the mid and late game were basically a breeze. Xom was mostly an inconvenience, summoning “helpful” imps which basically got in the way of my spells or teleporting me around, but they did give me a +8 int -2 str/dex mutation which was quite helpful in the end game.

My main weapons were
early game: Searing ray
early mid: Olgrebs, fulminant, searing
later mid: arcjolt + above
late game: plasma beam, orb of electricity
extended: plasma and chain lightning, Maxwell’s capacitive coupling

Cigotuvi’s Embrace (arty leather armour) is awesome. I had it up to like +40 in V5. It fell off somewhat in extended, but was surprisingly useful in Tomb, thanks to death scarabs having corpses.

Crystal Ball of Wucad Mu is nice.

Chain Lightning is probably OP. Unlike most spells which have strengths and weaknesses which encourage you to use a wide array of spells, Chain Lightning is all strengths and no weaknesses

Maxwell’s was used to take out most of the bosses, and also put in a lot of work in Dis, thanks to most of the enemies being resistant to everything.

I pumped up shapeshifting solely to get death form for tomb, and tomb was no trouble.

I learned ignition for tomb. I could’ve sworn that mummies had fire vulnerability. But I guess that was removed at some point? Anyways, I still used it a few times.

morgue: https://cbro.berotato.org/morgue/Khashishi/morgue-Khashishi-20240215-212953.txt

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Normal mummies, Menkaure and player species still have rF-, but their higher tier cousins don’t. Presumably over the years they have found some way to mitigate their main weakness somewhat.

Chain lightning still has some weaknesses. It is level 9 dual-school spell so it is quite difficult to get online. It is also extremely loud spell. In magicefficiency it does not quite match Ignition, Polar vortex or Dragon’s call. It can’t break into vaults like Shatter can.

As far as I know, only other level 9 dual-school spell is Fire storm and that spell looks quite inferior to Chain lightning although it has niche upside of being able to hit targets outside of LOS.

I wouldn’t call hitting targets outside of LOS a niche upside. It is huge since you get kills without any danger. You can kill whole packs of draconians and trolls (or orcs and centaurs with Prism) out of sight. Firestorm is my favorite lvl 9 because of it. It’ll take you through a whole three rune game on its own since it can kill even OoF.