[YAVP] [Yet Another Happy Rescued Doggo Boi]

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…oh! Right. Forgot the morgue link. Sorry. ^_^"


This run was… wow.
W. o. w.
First win I had in quite a while, first Ogre win ever, first (mostly-)melee win also ever, with a shiny intact cherished beacon of whimsical dreams there to keep me company throughout the most of the run and with whopping whipping wonderful entirety of 15 runes on top of all that.

I know that, sure, for many hardcore players out here it’s your average Thursday, but for me personally it’s quite a significant achievement, one that I will cherish for a good long time to come. ^w^

Oh, and got to rescue the doggo on the way out. He seemed very happy.~ :dog: :purple_circle: :relieved:

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