Yay for spider flavor

I noticed the message when a sack of spiders recharges today — it involves “a skittering sound”. This is very cool. Maybe there should be similar silly messages for the other misc evokables. A growling sound for the box of beasts, perhaps?

good request! someone should do this :slight_smile:

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Box of beasts could have “a bizarre [random animal sound]”?

with things like

  • barking
  • trumpeting
  • mooing
  • chirping
  • hissing
  • ribbiting
  • roaring
  • growling
  • bellowing

because they’re already, like, mismatched animals right?

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If short enough, why not two sounds in sequence to sort of illustrate the idea? Ex: hiss-ribbit, growl-moo, etc. It will sell the ide of more than one mismatched creature.

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Or maybe a sound effect of the spider/beasts jumping out of the box, like the “boing!” sound effect for the hop ability.