Absence of dex independence : everything funny is magic

I think it’s a structural problem for stat.

encumbrance rating reduce with magic success
encumbrance rating raises AC.(roughly speaking)

so there are two options. magic or AC

but stats are three.

STR is hard to have magic. INT is also hard to have AC.


DEX is hard to have AC, but easy to have magic.

DEX is magic dependent even though they don’t pick INT :face_vomiting:

Because of this, there are a lot more archetype that use magic than the other way around.

There are many wizards. Magic should be fun.

We need to make Dex independent.

how about weapons or items that can’t be used without picking dex. Very low action speed would be nice.
It’s hard to use magic if you hold that item.
Then give them a funny element.

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Sorry, it is a problem that “most” characters can cast spells?

For me CoglinHunter is indeed rather fun because you can cast spells despite min-maxing for weapon damage.

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i think dex content is thin.

so truely, ‘most’ dex ‘need’ magic.

i worry about need. not can.

how about codename ‘shotgun’ or ‘handcannon longblade’ or etc something to thicken the dex content

how about [old magic arrow spell] bow? like fire arrow bow or ice arrow bow. and we can think ‘rainbow’ artifact.

how… about quiver system? and take beam from magic. magic still have aoe and smite and buff and debuff a lot of effect so magic is fine.

magic resource is mana. dex resource is time. dex is so slow, closefight is terrible.


having dex-based pure melee/ranged characters is a viable playstyle, i don’t know what you’re going on about

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It seems more convincing to create a new variant and compare it. I will do it as soon as I have the time.

If you would like to hear my thoughts, you are welcome to read the content here. I felt uncomfortable because I perceived Dex as lacking independence, appearing to have pseudo-str and pseudo-int.

It is true that dex feels a bit weak, whether that’s justified or not.
The new dex-based weapons open up new character builds, but they actually feel rather disappointing, when they splat and I think ‘apparently that wasn’t very strong’. (Other than coglin hunter, but that’s a rather specific build.)

A proposal that I think would genuinely make dex more exciting without making the game more complicated:
Have the time-cost of evocables (or even all consumables) scale with dex. Ie at 50 dex evoking a wand costs only 5 auts.

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