D:1 black mamba might be too much

I was looking at morgues and came across this https://cbro.berotato.org/morgue/thestarryknight/morgue-thestarryknight-20240107-113203.txt

Xom is god of chaos, but how much chaos is too much chaos? Turning mere Kobold into black mamba(shapeshifter) seems quite much. Survival options of early game characters are quite limited and overcoming this challenge seems too difficult. At least now chaos knight starts with butterfly scroll, but that is not necessarily enough to solve black mamba sized issue.

Would giving chaos knight tele scroll make it too strong? How abut making Xom not polymorph in early D or not polymorph low HD monsters to avoid this happening. Or maybe tweak either Xom’s polymorphing or how shapeshifters work so combination of two does not cause this to happen.

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I wouldn’t be a fan of adding more rules to Xom.

Giving chaos knight some starting consumables sounds fair, but I don’t really care for myself. If I die on D:1 I just start another game.

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My worst Xom moment (years ago) was having a hostile brimstone fiend summoned on me on D:4. That’s what I’d call an unavoidable death.

Still, I don’t like the idea of limiting Xom’s actions so that the PC won’t get killed by them. After all, my experience is that Xom is a very powerful (albeit unreliable) deity if you can survive the early game.

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Could bring back skald as a god.