Dcss memes

I’m gonna share my dcss memes here. Feel free to post your own

If it sucks… hit da bricks!!! https://twitter.com/dasharez0ne/status/979810839749210112

Steal their look meme template. Title Steal his look! There is only one item, a tile art of the DCSS unique Norris, a shirtless surfer riding a wave. There are instructions for changing the player tile to the Norris tile, listed below. 0 dollars.

tile_player_tile = mons:norris
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Next time I play I’m going to have the hit the bricks meme up on both my other screens. Best advice. Maybe we need a “use your consumables, dumbass” meme as a companion for me.

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function hp_ratio()
  hp, mhp = you.hp()
  return hp / mhp

itsoverratio = .30
werebackratio = .70
itsover = hp_ratio() <= itsoverratio
function evaluate_wellbeing()
  if itsover and hp_ratio() >= werebackratio then
    crawl.take_note("we're so back!")
    crawl.mpr("we're so back!")
    itsover = false
  elseif not itsover and hp_ratio() <= itsoverratio then
    crawl.take_note("it's so over!")
    crawl.mpr("it's so over!")
    itsover = true

function ready()

(if you already have a ready() function, add evaluate_wellbeing() to it, don’t paste a second ready function)

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what is the AoOp thing? that whole sentence is confusing for my smooth brain. otherwise great advice

Attacks of opportunity, I’m guessing?

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the most low-effort one I made

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lol yes. i literally took ispiration from this meme

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A couple of relatively low effort memes I made myself a while back.

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