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Hey folks!

I’m the creator of https://dcss-stats.vercel.app, the scoring site for DCSS. I just wanted to start a thread where you can post your ideas of what can be improved, suggestions, bugs etc.

If you have anything to say feel free to let me know here or on RL Discord.


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Some suggestions:

  • Popular picks should go up to 14 days, IMO. I think DCSS is too slow of a game to warrant 7 days.
    Also, popular picks should be independent of god. Else you get combos with 2-3 wins max, and “popular by total games” with 0 wins.
  • You should be allowed to search for either (1-5), (3-5), or (3-6) runes. “Wins w/o extended” is pretty important, and the current (1-14) search catches the occasional 11 or 14 rune win.
  • Combo search (DCSS Stats) should let you search for (trunk + current stable version).
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Thanks for the work you put in. The website is really awesome!

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First of, thanks a lot for all your hard work, the site is amazing!

I wonder if it would be possible to implement search by type of death? Maybe by the killer name (orc wizard, killer bee, Natasha etc.)?

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I’ve been really enjoying your website! Thank you for making it.

I would love a little checkbox like “display only playable in the current version” or something that collapsed the greyed out rows/columns, but kept the old games from playable combos in older versions in the calculations.

Streak calculations seem to be inconsistent with official tools. One of my streaks is missed by your algorithm.

It would be a big feature to add, but my dream is someone prettifying morgue files somehow. There’s a lot of variation throughout versions, and they can also be customized, so I don’t know how possible it would even be. But detecting and re-rendering the tables for mobile would be amazing. So would detecting each section and making them collapsible.

Being able to filter/sort games by basic stats like str or ac would be a really nice addition to the combo lookup. I did that for my comment on FoHu’s in heavy armor by just skimming to the high AC values, but it was tedious. I would have done it with the lookup-game bot, but I like how easy it is to grab the morgues from your UI!

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This would be a fun feature to have a nice UI for, but jsyk this information is already available! No need to wait. You can use beem or dm the Discord bot to access this bot.

Here are the two most recent deaths by a killer bee of any online game.

And here’s the last time I was killed by a troll, with a morgue link.

You can take a look at the listgame manual for how to make more searches like these. It can get pretty complex, but you can pick up some simple commands without having to worry about all the complexity. Happy to help if you’re interested in giving it a try and get stuck.

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The stats site is awesome. Thank you for your hard work!

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Just chiming in, thanks for creating and hosting the stats site!

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Thanks! Yeah, I figured this data was being gathered somehow, since CAO Scoring tracks killer stats. The bot query is nice if you want to check a couple of morgues, but not so great for full-on surfing.

I just thought it would be cool to be able to put in a combo, version number, type of death and get a full list of morgues, which DCSS Stats can do in theory, though I guess you can’t easily do drop down menu for killers as there are too many possible entries.

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It is maybe a little too obscure but I see stats on “killed by Unique” and get curious about:

Players killed by Unique divided by Times Unique Encountered

I know Sigmund is a top killer but at the same time wonder how he stacks up against Nessus or Rupert when weighted by how often they are actually encountered.

On discord there is Cerebot. Typing !killratio sigmund gives you exactly this info.

> Sigmund wins 19.32% of battles.
> Rupert wins 6.349% of battles.
> Nessos wins 4.191% of battles.
> Zenata wins 5.001% of battles.
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:joy: yea, the command only works for uniques and the antique lich technically isn’t one

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Thanks for the kind words, guys! I have some of these ideas in the TODO list already and I’ll definitely check other suggestion to see what can be implemented in near future!

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Oh, sure, I wanted to add that checkbox for a long time too, thanks for reminding.

As for streaks, it seems like you had a game in between those games, so I think my calculation is actually more correct than the original one, because original sorts games by end date instead of start date, so you can abuse streaks by starting multiple games on multiple servers and bail out of failed games when you see that you are going to die or something like that

Sort by AC and etc also great idea, will add to my TODO :+1:

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Added the option to only show trunk data in the matrix :slight_smile:

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Ahh your current way might be consistent with tournament streaks then, so maybe that’s just a reasonable difference in design preference.

It’s just very surprising to win one game, immediately win and start the next, and then win that one too, but some game you started while game 1 was still in progress and lost before finishing game 1 counts towards the streak instead. To me it would be more intuitive if the next game started after a win was the one counting towards a streak, and that would prevent exploits too. But idk that it’s worth adding yet another streak scoring method.

I also forgot playing 0.11 would even count towards scoring, but that’s on me lol. That darn escape hatch mimic…

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Yess thank you! “Trunk data” to me implies that it’ll only show trunk games. I wonder if there’s a more clear way to convey that it’s about combos, not individual games’ versions?

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Yep, imagine the situation when you start the game while on streak, then you see that you have 1 hp left and the next turn you going to die and you just save-quit and try to continue the streak on another server. And you have like 6-7 more tries like that.

As for “trunk data”… Not sure here, English is not my first language :smiley: Maybe I can call the title of the tooltip “Matrix display settings” or something like that

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I would call it something like “only show playable combos for:” and then give checkboxes for both trunk and latest stable version?

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