How about CHArisma stat?

i think stat is like telling game ‘i will play like this’. i mean if i choose STR at 3 lev, i play STR. if i choose INT, i play INT.

but DEX is complicated. range, sword, assassin… so i suddenly think we need to seperate it.

how about CHA?

CHArisma related your stealth, enemy’s WILL, hex check, miss attack, etc.

CHArisma should also improve your allies, and let you get better deals from the gods

Having charisma when almost everything in the dungeon tries to kill you on sight would be a bit weird

I dunno whether it’s a good idea, but this is just a brainstorm?

I think i made you confused. Meaning of CHA.

Little different from dnd CHArisma is i just copy the name of CHArisma.

because that is cool if CON is hp, WIZ is mp(or will but i like its mp)

I think it isnt related dnd CHArisma, because its for separating stabber and ranger stat

i think CHA is for stabber, like DEX is for ranger.

High CHA terrorized enemy(wait, so what if enwmy not sleep, just wake up and get fear? they also scream, and move but they still have fear of confuse so you can stab. No sleep, no rune runner, but it still stabber.)

But dnd CHA idea is also cool. How about hex Charm magic? Low level magic, need high CHA.

This sounds somewhat akin to Rolemaster’s POW. (I do not think after 25 years Crawl is likely to gain an extra stat…)

I realized, stealth is not good for CHA. i think CHA must reduce stealth, but increase hex chance or passive confuse.

(So very high quality sleep stabber, or sleep rune runner die, and make easy to control stabber with confuse or fear)

And yes… if your highness dev sir don’t agree this, it just ilusion.