Posts and messages from old Tavern

Hi everyone. This new Tavern looks nice, but I can’t see posts from old Tavern or find any of my messages. In fact, I can’t find a facility to send messages at all.

For the last six tournaments (at least) I have co-ordinated a casual clan called Tavern Snacks (or something similar) using DMs and threads in The Dart Board, and I need access to at least one of these categories in order to continue doing this. It’s a really nice community thing and I’ll be gutted if it’s not possible on this new board - been playing with the same people for several versions - so I hope someone can help with this.

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Ach, should have posted this in The Bar, my mistake. Would it be possible for a mod to move it there?

Well I just saw this. No idea about DMs, but if you make a Tavern Snacks thread when the time comes then I should see it then too. Obviously this won’t help if the others haven’t found this site yet.

Hey, great to see you! I can tag Strat on the Cosplay Challenge Discord, hopefully the others will see this thread if the stuff from Oldtavern proves to be unrecoverable. There’s a decent chance they’ll find the site as the Tavern link from the DCSS front page now goes straight here.

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Also, there is a facility to send messages; on my browser, you get there by scrolling down in the left-hand panel.

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(I moved this to The Bar > Site Feedback)

I can’t see posts from old Tavern or find any of my messages.

This forum is a fresh start, so nothing is transferred. With an existing account, you can still log in to the old forum and access your messages there (and post for that matter, if you want to redirect people here).

The Dart Board

I’ll add this back sooner or later, by the next tournament at the latest. But based on how it was used on the old forum, there didn’t seem to be a lot of point to creating a category when there wasn’t much immediate use for it!

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Thank you very much advil. But where can I log in to the old forum? I always used the link at Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup and that now directs here. Am I missing something obvious like I did with the messaging facility?

I believe the link is The Tavern.

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Yes, that’s the right link ( If you want a way to navigate there, there’s a link to it in the welcome post.

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