Remove !curing

Use !heal wounds to restore HP.

Use !cancellation to remove status effects, without healing.

If the idea for !curing is to be a common, early-game !cancellation that only works on common status effects (poison, confusion), separate from one that works on the rest, then remove the healing effect of !curing.

If I may ask: why?

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Curing heals you (a little bit), and removes status effects (but only a couple).

There are other items in the game that do those things.

Feels like a remnant of an old game design philosophy, based more on flavour than clarity and consistency.

Thing about curing is that it’s more common than heal wounds and much more common than cancellation. So you have a greater chance to find it, so you can make somewhat informed decisions on what to quaff-id (the larger the stack the more likely it to be curing). It’s so common you are almost guaranteed to find it pre-lair, where it’s most useful.

It fills the niche of early game saving consumable and it’s important that it has dual purpose, since it means it’s useful in a wide variety of situations that are most threatening early on (poison, confusion, bad damage rolls on low max HP species). Being low power makes it so its abundance doesn’t mess with mid-late game too much.

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