Show melee damage for magical staves too

It would be nice to see the melee damage range (+ chance to activate) for magical staves too in the weapon description. This would be especially handy when you also have a quarterstaff or lajatang available.

Wiki says the formulas are

Damage Dealt: 0 to 1.25×(School+[Evocations/2])
Chance to Activate: (Evocations + School/2)×6.66% per hit

so it’s not hard to calculate manually but why not have it readily available like with other melee weapons?

(I’m playing stable so apologies if this already implemented in trunk)

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It’s a good request! Someone should do this :slight_smile:

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I will take a look and try to create a pull request for it! (unless someone beats me to it haha)

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