Some further thoughts on Coglins

  • I actually miss the -Move. Sure it sucked in the early game. But the early game is mostly fixed by starting with 2 weapons. Late game it gave a good excuse to use Evocables, and it switched up when you’d use god powers in a way that felt fun.
  • It can be very hard to acquire Sinv
  • It can also be hard to acquire enough MR
  • Harm is fun, though probably not always wise
  • Oka is disproportionately good on Coglin. Oka feels almost mandatory on Coglin ranged weapons users in particular.
  • Getting the Gizmo at XL 14 feels very late
  • Having no switchable resists isn’t too bad
  • The -2 invocations aptitude is neat
  • Translocations and Necromancy are nicely usable
  • I still think there are a few dead skills on Coglin that don’t need to be dead skills, if you just tweak the number up. Though one could argue they should be bad at throwing to nerf Coglin^Oka a little.
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I won recently with a coglin ranged user of Usk that was just nuts. Usk’s ability to clear rooms quickly with coglin’s insane levels of single target damage was devastating. It was my fastest win ever… about 20% faster than my previous one.

I like the lvl 14 gizmo. It felt about on time for me. I had a good idea of what I needed in terms of resists and whatnot to make an intelligent pick.

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When did you get your second hand cannon that game? And how much invo did you train?

I got this nice electric sling at D7.

4860 | D:7 | Identified the +9 sling “Vetusid” {elec, Int+2 Dex+4}

And then I was able to enchant this hand cannon up to +9 and got a heavy brand.

14060 | Lair:1 | Acquired a +0 hand cannon of flaming

I used both of those until zot.

Looks like I eventually got invo to 20. I also found robe of the vines so I had literally zero use for armour training.

This is the morgue.