Some New Beogh thoughts

I’ve been playtesting the new Beogh on CDI, and am going to use this thread to share some thoughts. I feel like the classy way to do this is win a game first and then drop my pearls of wisdom, but (1) I’ll probably splat this guy and (2) I just wanna share my opinions now. So, a bunch of trivial nitpicks and general thoughts follow:

  • I think this might have already been mentioned, but the fact that orcs who acclaim you will switch places with you but not your apostles is awkward
  • Having to get injured before you convert is awkward. I killed my first orc priest on a few runs cause I just kinda forgot, and on the other occasions it felt a bit silly to stand there and be a pinhata until I was ready to accept the light of Beogh into my life.
  • In my experience, which is mostly up to D15 but up to V4 on my current run, wizards seem undesirable relative to priests and warriors. Warriors have good survivability, often throwables, and generally pretty good damage. Priests have mixed but often solid survivability, smite, and often buff other spells that help. Wizards can have blink (ugh) and too many spells that are constrained by the presence of allies. I’ve been recruiting most new guys just to try em out, but I find myself dismissing the wizards fast.
  • This really changes terrain evaluation in a lot of fights. Against a lot of packs you get kind of a time consideration where you don’t want to fight in the corridor, you want to fight just past the chokepoint where you can maintain the numbers advantage as long as you keep killing them fast. Also varies with your team composition; this is all cool.
  • Vengeance mechanics are a bit opaque to me, possibly cause I’m lazy. Does my chance to enact vengeance time out? Does it remain active as long as I stay on the floor? I tp’d away and came back to finish the vengeance job on several occasions, unclear to me what would have constituted failure short of leaving the floor and doing other stuff until my apostles came back.
  • Apostles survive stuff pretty well - direct damage meanies yes, poison clouds ok (I lost some guys to these, but way less than old Beogh allies), burst elemental damage not well - frosthearts and salamander tyrants are tier 1A threats to your pack.
  • What’s lost from the old Beogh? Mostly personal attachment to your orcs; there’s nothing like the named warlord who you developed from a mundane orc and handed the finest glaive, whose death is permanent unless you’re lucky and full up on piety.
  • This is, generally, really really good. I think I was among the bigger fans of the old Beogh, and this is a clear improvement. There are some great exciting moments (announcement of a challenge, resurrecting your whole team when they’d all been killed). Blood for blood is great, and while it’s probably not optimal play it feels like starting a fight outside a rune vault, losing an apostle, and then letting the vengeful mob go to war with the guardians of the rune is…at least viable? I like that. I’ve been playing aggressively, and that leads to a cool swing between “watch the hell out, here comes the meanest pack in the dungeon” and “ah, shit, I’m lonely and afraid for a while.” Big fan.
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Ok, I did go on to win the run. MDFi^Beogh, getting a sneak preview of what I’m guessing will be one of the most popular builds of 0.32. Morgue here:

Additional observations:

  • It seems like an apostle getting banished counts as them getting killed? A deep elf sorceror banished one of my team and I, feeling clever, tried to just wax it off with recall. That didn’t work, but that apostle did revive along with the other one who had died before that.
  • I had one case where I cleared an entire floor but couldn’t clear the vengeance status, even after ctrl+f and searching everywhere several times. I’m guessing a flagged enemy got shafted, but my team revived before I ever tracked them down.
  • Blood for blood is very, very strong. It allowed me to turn around several situations where one or more apostles had died and go on the offensive - it’s how I took down Parghit, for instance. Other notable uses were to quickly clear the Elf 3 vault, and three times on Zot 5.
  • My opinions of wizard apostles improved after I drew one hwo had plasma beam, paralyze, and bombard. I couldn’t quite tell with plasma beam - I thought there were several times when it shot right through me or other apostles without damaging us, even though in general Hep rules preventing friendly fire aren’t in effect Possibly just me confusing myself? Anyway they seem stronger relative to the other classes at higher XLs.
  • All star apostles were that wizard, Alork, who enlisted I think around XL22 in Elf, and a warrior with a +6 vampiric halberd who was with me from I think early Lair until Slime.
  • Might be nice to add apostle recruitment and dismissal to the milestones section fo the morgue? Maybe note all challengers encountered?
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