Spell Idea: Eringya's Thornfield

Eringya’s Thornfield
Level 5 (Necromancy/Alchemy)

Creates a static field of thorns in a 2 tile radius around the caster. Any creature entering, or leaving, or moving inside the field takes partially resistable, AC/EV-ignoring negative energy damage (this includes player character). Cannot be placed on top of deep/shallow water. Affects flying creatures. Enemies don’t try to avoid moving into it (similar to Noxious Bog).

Damage (scales with spell power; cap: 200): 2d2 to 2d12 (50% resistable by rN) dealt per tile passed. So at 50% power it would deal around 2d7 damage per tile.

Duration: 10 - 12 turns (maybe also scale with spell power).

Upside: Warrior-mage type spell that synergises with moving enemies around (stuff like IMB, dispersal darts, Lesser Beckoning, batty enemies, ?fear, Chei etc.). Can probably be pretty fun with the new Gell’s Gavote. MP-efficient.

Downside: makes retreating more costly. Caster just walking out of the field will take damage three times, so some other tools of repositioning (Blink, PoG etc.) or decent rN might be needed for safe use. There are also some tactical considerations with using it around Swamp Worms, Wind Drakes, tramplers and such. High potential for some slapstick type deaths (though this is more of an upside, honestly).

Balancing: Outside of pure number changes, can be made to check EV, apply only part of damage to the caster, be made safe for allies (for Necro synergy), or be made to spread like a cloud when cast (making it more powerful/dangerous in corridors).

Alternative variant (forcefield themed):

Applies a ‘Thornfield’ status, which creates a 2-tile radius aura around the caster. Works the same as the static version, but is attached to the caster instead of being a terrain feature. Also applies damage to enemies when their position in the field changes because of the caster movement, sorta like a mobile razorblade cloud. Obviously much more dangerous to the caster than the original (self-damage from movement is still there), but allows for some different tricks (like quaffing !cancellation to remove the status) and synergies (like instantly applying 2 ticks of damage with WJC’s Serpent’s Lash).