Tavern Snacks casual clan?

One issue with the move to the new forum is that I lost the ability to connect with the usual suspects for the tourney. Anyone from the old Tavern Snacks clan organized by Moanerette interested?

Moanerrette is active in Crawl Cosplay Challenge Discord server:

I’m interested again!

Moanerette is also organizing here on new Tavern; you can probably DM them (or hope they see this thread).

Thanks – I will try to connect directly with them.

Edit: Although I’m not sure, given that I just joined here, that I can directly contact another user …

Hey strat! Your name didn’t show up when I sent the message out. I think I searched for Strat with capital S, that probably explains it.

Let’s make this the thread then.

Strat, andrew, zlionsfan, Moanerette

Waiting to hear from sanka.

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Great – thanks for including me. I haven’t been on this version of the forum (hadn’t even signed up before), so I was paranoid that I might have missed the boat! Being on snacks has become a bit of a tradition at this point. Are you going to be captain again (and thanks if so!)?

Yep, I can do that! I’ll set up the rc file probably the day before tourney start as usual.

I agree about Snacks and thanks for starting this thread (and andrew for tagging me).

We have two spaces. I’d like to keep one open for sanka as I did message them. Unfortunately floatboth doesn’t appear to have registered, though then again I thought that about you. Maybe they’ll see the thread.

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Hi! Thanks for organising again.

I will be happy to join, altough we will see how much time I’ll have to actually play.

My aim is to have at least one win!

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Yay, great to have you back. One win is always my aim too.

Well, we still have a week. I’ll set up the file when the tourney page goes live.

Struggling to think of a punning name for this tourney, please post if you have any ideas.

As in a team name?

Yes, like we were Tavern Snacks Of Opportunity last time.

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Do we know what this version will be called?

I haven’t seen anything, I might have missed it somewhere but so far I only see version number and no name

The tournament page is live but still no title! Tourney is confirmed for Friday start. I’ll do the rc file when 0.31 is available on CAO.

Unless anyone objects I’d like us to be Shifting, Whispering Tavern Snacks. This comes from when I was little and used to read the heck out of my copy of the Guinness Book Of British Hit Singles - there was a 1950s hit called ‘The Shifting, Whispering Sands’ and I was fascinated by the title. Now I guess that it’s from a film soundtrack but when I was little it just seemd really mysterious. The tenuous Crawl link is that 0.31 is partly about Shifting, and I think the phrase is memorable and neat!

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Sounds fine to me – you’re doing the work, captain, so I think you get naming rights!

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No objection, though if they ever do announce a name I might suggest something then if it occurs to me.

Just a reminder that there is still one space in this totally casual, play for fun clan.

hi there! i’d love to join a casual clan—i’m an intermediate player. i play super slow (8-10 hours for a win, stretched out over a couple weeks usually) so one win is also a good goal for me! my crawl name (on kelbi and akrasiac) is kerplink

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