Tavern Snacks casual clan?

Welcome to the Snacks kerplink! Our ‘rules’ are, play as much or as little as you like; post on this thread about your games and to encourage other clan members if you wish (no worries if not).

I don’t know when we’ll appear on the tourney page, I’ll keep checking and rechecking things tomorrow (my time, UK) to make sure we’re present and correct.

All the rest of you have to do is…

add # TEAMCAPTAIN Moanerette to your rc file.

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yay, glad to join in the fun!

Welcome kerplink!

We’re on the page! Everyone is showing except kerplink, which might be only because they haven’t started a 0.31 game yet (early of course, all the scores will be cleared when the tournament actually starts).

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Alright comrades, see you in the Dungeon!

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The tension mounts - will I be able to win my first game? I always seem to blow an otherwise “easy” run somehow … Good luck to everyone!

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Good luck! Also now that we have a version name, Alchemists’ Snacks occurs to me. But it may be too late for suggestions, and anyway Moanerette’s team name is fine.

Alright, I added Moanerette to my rc and played a one turn game, so I should show up soon haha.

is the TEAMCAPTAIN line in the rc supposed to have the ‘#’ in it though? I thought that the ‘#’ makes it so that line doesn’t get read

@strat Same thoughts here! any ideas what your first combo pick will be? I was thinking about trying an Alchemist, don’t know what races are good for them yet

@andrew or the Snalckemists, if you want to get real wordplay-y :wink:

I actually like the Shifting, Whispering name though :slight_smile:

My understanding is that the tournament setup scripts parse specific comments, so they are expecting the # - that also prevents the tournament setup stuff from actually being parsed by the game server, which doesn’t know about the tournament.

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Good luck everyone! The tournament pages have been reset, so now it’s just a matter of waiting for time to pass (working, for those of us in the Americas (I’m on US EST); pretty close to the weekend, for folks in Europe/Africa; anyone in Asia is probably already in Weekend Mode).

@kerplinkittyplunk I’ve been playing around with Dr for Alchemist – they seem pretty solid to me (or any caster, actually). The alchemist starting book feels really strong to me so far (past the first spell, Sting).

I see kerplink on the clan page now, we should all be set!

Had a pretty good run with MiSh, a class (and combo) I haven’t used much, but made a mistake with Saint Roka and lost that one. Good start though, and I did knock out a few of the easy banners on my list (I think sanka already got them for our clan list).

Woah I’m way too late, just saw a crawl video from NinthSettler on my YouTube feed and was like “oh right tourney”. Lmao, serves me right :smiley: Have fun everyone!

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Sorry floatboth. Hope you’re well and have fun anyway.

Congrats strat! First clan win on the board!

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@zlionsfan Thanks - very basic combo just to try and get one at least, then a flop with another one (GrEE) when trying to get 2 in a row. Ah well, all fun!

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Pretty good run on DrAl - got the slimy rune, but then lack of rHubris took me into V:5 to try for another rune. Lots of frantic teleporting ending in death anyway.

Time to try some Nemelex Choice!

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Splatted a few OpAl’s, I actually feel like the Venom Mage background was easier for me–full LOS Poison Cloud had better kiting potential than the limited-range Mercury Vapors. So I changed tack and got a Demonspawn^Nemelex off the ground. Feeling sturdy and ready to go into the S-Branches, after a break to regenerate my rHubris!

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