Thinking about some holes in the Draconian race

Right now, there is a draconian that covers every type of magic, except for the Necromatic, Summonings, and Translocation schools, and I’m throwing in a bonus Transmuter Draconian. There’s also no blue draconian, despite there being a blue (storm) dragon. Here’s some ideas to add those types in:

The current black draconian becomes a blue draconian.

Black Draconian:

  • +2 Necromancy
  • RN+
  • breathes a cloud that drains those hit by it.
    (Necromancy is weak enough I’m not terribly concerned by a positive without a negative)

Shimmering Draconian: (icon shimmers in “glittery” colors)

  • +2 Translocation
  • -1 Earth
  • -1 Fighting
  • +EV bonus as they level, similar to the AC bonus of the Grey Draconian
  • Breathes a cloud that teleports the targets away.

Life Draconian: (Preliminary name - nothing seems to fit; I’d use green as in nature, but poison already takes that niche)

  • +2 Summoning
  • +1 Fighting
  • -2 Necromancy
  • -1 Fire
  • Breathes a cloud of Banishment, dismissing summoned creatures.

Mutagenic Draconian: (rather than coloring, takes the “plain” draconian icon and has random variations in the shape)

  • +2 Transmutation
  • Rank 1 Mutation Resistance (Also thought about giving a +20% chance for random and malmutations to be good mutations, so 80% for random and 40% for malmutates)
  • Only receives 1/2 of the AC bonus Draconians normally receive
  • Breathes mutagenic fog
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