Unloved tiles for unknown things out of sight

Hey, in previous games, I think with some specific gods like maybe Ashenzari, I got tiles on the map that mark unknown things. I’m thinking of two tiles: They both have a blue background; the first is a question mark inside a diamond, and the second is a yellow smiling emoji that indicates there’s an unknown monster there. They both look very out of place aesthetically and break the immersion, I cringed when I had to look at them a lot in some games. I’m pretty sure they’re ugly (to me at least) because they’re miscellaneous and don’t have to do anything with cool stuff like monsters or altars or anything else we all get hyped about in the game, so they don’t get much attention. Perhaps if someone might see this they’d give some love to these tiles and make them look more fitting aesthetically?

They look fine and communicate what they need to well. (for the smiley faces, there are progressively unfriendly faces the higher the monster threat level is. You’ll no doubt see them soon if you keep playing ash)

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I haven’t played Ash since she got ‘updated’, so I can’t be 100% confident the tiles are still the same. But I recall I quite like the ‘smiley’ faces.
I don’t particularly care for the unknown item and unknown gate icons, but those don’t bother me either.

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Actually, I think I’ve read about this (didn’t see in-game) and forgot. That’s useful to know and have, but maybe it can be redone better somehow?

Obviously this is subjective opinion about artwork. But maybe it will be more immersive if it had a styled font or a more “dungeony” icon. On the other hand, I do think the blue background is good (perhaps not this color specifically though) because it makes the square stick out visually, which it needs to because it’s a special tile.