Wucad Mu's Monastery needs to go

This is an old wizlab with some design elements that contradict the rest of portal-branch design. The exit is not in the same place as the entrance, and the complete absence of an explanation for the very frequent transient summoning is baffling. There is no indication that the goal of the wizlab is to speed into the centre of it and kill Wucad Mu with zero chaff to get in your way other than these transient summons, unless you look at the wiki.

Either the summoning needs a large amount of clarity added via examine text or stuff printed into the chat log (along with adding an exit at the start), or the whole wizlab needs to go.

(Yes, I lost a promising run to this, but I genuinely believe this is a problem because it didn’t feel like a YASD - it felt like the game system breaking its own rules.)

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Yeah I lost a run to this wizlab as well. I’ll never enter it again!

I believe they’ve just changed it to place an exit near the entry, so that part of the problem is solved. But, I agree there should also be clearer messaging about the place’s unique mechanic.

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Wucad is much easier than the entrance to elf and vaults. If you can’t handle the chaff because you’re underleveled, then wouldn’t it make more sense to read magic mapping and farm xp on the exit portal in the first room? The monks stop spawning after like eight waves, so a caster should be able to clear it. Did you get paralyzed by a tertiary eldritch summon??

The entire problem is that the exit portal is not aligned with the entrance. I have heard that they’ve fixed that on trunk.