Yet Another Vampire Rework Proposal

Given the species’ many issues, I’ve been kicking around an idea for a Vampire rework for a while. I want to receive some feedback before I begin work on a pr.

Normal Changes:

  • You start in bloodless form by default.
  • The health penality is reduced to -10%.
  • rC++ reduced to rC+.
  • You can regenerate again like a mummy.
  • Shapeshifting is removed as a skill.
  • You lose the ability to turn into a bat.

“The blood of demons suits you just fine!”
You gain a new passive that allows vampiric effects to ignore rN+ and function against demonic enemies.

Gaining xp or successful killing stabs against eligible foes now fills a blood bar (represented in status effects as Blood(x)) that goes from 0-100. At 100, you gain the ability to morb- I mean enter a bloodcraze, which grants buffs in return for losing your undead resistances.

You enter bloodcraze over 3 turns.
“A pulse ripples across your motionless veins.”
“Heat returns to your vessel as blood surges within.”
“Life gushes and overflows. You are reborn with a terrible thirst!”

While bloodcrazed:

  • Your blood goes down every turn.
  • Your movement delay is reduced.
  • All melee attacks cast a special version of vampiric draining on the main target, dealing damage, healing you and extending your bloodcraze by refilling your blood.
  • Your senses kick into overdrive, allowing you to detect enemies in a large radius.
  • Your health no longer regenerates.
  • You spew blood everywhere. This is purely cosmetic.

“You feel anemic as the last of your blood leaves your vessel.”
When bloodcraze ends, you gain the weak status for a duration.

This rework is intended to lean more into the vampiric theme and solve long-standing problems of the race while also providing a fun new ability to use as a straight buff for fighters and a backup tool for stabbers and mages.

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Like the rN piercing vampirism, very neat and thematic. Removing forms (I assume with mutation immunity), on the other hand, goes hard against the basic stereotypical vampiriness of species and makes them more like the other undead.

Ability is interesting (do blood charges decay, or can you store them?), can be used as an escape as well, if the movement delay is low enough. Fun mental image of running away spewing blood everywhere all Zoidberg-like.

With all the reworks proposals lately I was thinking about vampire themed abilities and thought of Glamour, a stupefying aura of sorts, that is present in a lot of vampire based fiction. Mechanically it would be something like a chance of applying Dazed debuff to attacking/or attacked enemy, or passively around the char. Can be tied to blood charge abilities in your or Tmi489’s proposals.

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